How to Find, Retain and Manage a Divorce Lawyer

by | Dec 14, 2016

When choosing a lawyer to represent you, we want to make sure we are the best at addressing your needs.

As a rule of thumb, we suggest doing your research first and be sure to write down all your questions before selecting a lawyer.

Perhaps you’re just needing some advice that doesn’t require a courtroom setting just yet. In the end, we know getting a divorce is stressful, but the selection process doesn’t have to be as long as you keep us clearly informed.


Many people entering a divorce are under the false assumption that their divorce lawyer is the leader in dissolving their marriage. In reality, you must be the head manager of your divorce, while your lawyer is a key member of your support team. It is very important that you use knowledge, research, and a good dose of common sense in choosing and managing your legal representation. Here are some things to keep in mind.


Yes, You Need to Speak to a Lawyer

Sometimes a divorce doesn’t ever require a trip to the courtroom. Mediation and arbitration are sometimes easier and less expensive ways to end your marriage. With no-fault divorce laws, there are also do-it-yourself divorce kits and online resources that can be alternatives if you and your partner agree on issues like custody and division of property. Even if you and your partner agree to settle your divorce outside of a courtroom, it is still important that you at least have a consultation with an attorney — one who is not affiliated with your partner — to discuss your intended method of divorce and the terms that you and your spouse have agreed upon. Too often, individuals assume that they are doing the “right thing” and that their best interests are being represented, and then find out differently. Spending a little time and money to consult with an attorney can help make sure you are being smart in ending your marriage.


Know What You Need

There are many factors to consider when choosing a lawyer to represent you in your divorce. Do you simply need someone to guide you through the process and support you during an uncontested divorce or mediation? Do you need someone to help you with complicated financial matters in the division of assets? Is custody a primary concern? You want to find an attorney who is seasoned in the areas most important to you. It will be easier to find the best lawyer for your case if you have a clear understanding of how they will be supporting you. Use online resources or books to understand the divorce process in your state and what your specific needs might be.

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