My First Post-Divorce Vacation: I Am Mom AND Dad

by | Jan 6, 2017

After your divorce is finalized and you embark upon on a new routine, settling in to the idea of being both Mom and Dad can be daunting. On the other hand, this time can be used for continued healing and you may find strengths that you weren’t so aware of prior to the separation. When parents become unbalanced, you begin to rely on the other to pick up the slack on your weaknesses.

But life after divorce, especially family life, can inspire you to try better parenting methods that will be more successful with a renewed perspective. Read more below about one mother’s example of how her family vacation encouraged her to step outside her comfort zone into her new role.

I’m on my first vacation with the kids post-divorce, sans their dad. It has been amazing. And eye opening.
I’ve traveled the world and have weekly business trips, so used to the travel thing. This has been the same, yet different:


I am Dad and Mom.

I retrieve our bags from baggage claim. I pick up the car rental and haul our suitcases in the back. I kiss the wounds as my kids scrape their toes. I am giving my children a vacation to remember.

Me. Not their dad and me. Just me.

My son hugged me tonight and told me I was the bestest mom ever.


My work is exploding and I have to do at least one conference call per day. I tell my children, Momma can’t play with you in the pool because she has to work. This is how she pays for your vacation. Without her work, you can’t do this… And they are learning.

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