I’m Married To A Divorce Attorney. This Is What Our Marriage Is Like

by | Feb 12, 2017

Like any relationship, it’s important that a healthy separation in your professional and personal lives is a necessity. Maintaining boundaries and keeping work at the office can be a bit of a challenge, but is so essential to longevity of your relationship.

Even if you are not a divorce professional, the following article is more of a reminder to look at the big picture every now and then and whether your current work issue is worth compromising life at home.

At home or at the office, it simply takes work and a little patience to get through each day at a time.

Divorce attorneys are experts on marriage. After all, every day in their offices, they see the petty squabbles and simmering issues that can easily bring down a long-term relationship.


What have they learned from their day jobs? We recently asked family law attorneys from across the country to share how their own marriages have been affected by their jobs and clients. To get a balanced account, we asked their spouses to weigh in, too! See what they had to say below:


Karen Covy, a divorce attorney and coach in Chicago, Illinois:


“I’ve been with my husband for 10 years and married for eight. I don’t take anything for granted. I’ve seen a lot of relationships that went south just because someone stopped paying attention to them. I see a lot of small mistakes that build into big problems. I’ve learned from the pain I witness every day. I consciously work on avoiding those mistakes myself. I try not to let my professional stress bleed into my personal life and I try not to cross-examine my husband. But I’m human!”

Her spouse, Vit Homolka:


“It really doesn’t make much difference what profession my wife is in. She’s a strong woman and I like that. It’s true that sometimes when we’re talking, she hits me with her ‘lawyer’s logic.’ Our discussions get broken down into points and sub-points with supporting evidence. When she flips into lawyer-mode, it can feel like you’re in a court room. But, I know who she is inside. Her profession is not the primary thing in our marriage.”

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Source: HuffingtonPost.com