Parenting would be so much easier if my husband and I got divorced

by | Mar 19, 2017

No marriage is perfect and there are tweaks and changes needed from both ends to find the right compromise. That’s all a good marriage is built upon, a willingness to improve and knowledge of when it’s time to compromise, how long, and finally, knowing when it’s time to call it quits. This may mean something different to you, in terms of how final you want your break to be.

Divorce should never be taken lightly, which is why trusting and openly communicating to your spouse are the most important factors in making this decision.

If you have these basics down, perhaps you can find a better solution if you’re willing to still work together.

“I think we should get a divorce,” I said, as I thought about what it would be like to sit for more than 30 seconds without listening to a mini-tyrant shouting demands.


“What?” my husband replied, while wrestling a shirt onto our son. Confusion, possibly laced with irritation, settled in the wrinkles near the middle of his forehead.


“A divorce. It would guarantee a break for both of us at least every other weekend. Or more. Think about it.”


“You’re crazy.”


Maybe, but I wasn’t entirely joking. My divorced friends have more time to themselves now than they ever did while married. They have a contractual, court-ordered decree that guarantees them four days (or more) every month without children … or a spouse. It sounds like some sort of Tahitian getaway. Where do I sign up?


I love my kids, but raising two spirited children under the age of 5 leaves very little downtime. I’m on my feet the second they open their eyes and for the 15 hours that follow. Grappling matches over everything from who owns a broken Dory toy to who gets the sliver of crust from my turkey sandwich are hourly occurrences.


Divorce would give me at least a day or two to sleep in, clear my head and recover from the parenting marathon I run most days. There would no objections or surprises, because I’d have an official paper that states: “It’s your turn. I’m off this weekend.”

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