What Watching My Parent’s Divorce Taught Me About Real Happiness

by | Mar 26, 2017

If you only view yourself as a product of your parents’ divorce, you’re not alone. Younger generations are increasingly deciding to wait for marriage or opt out of the idea altogether, whether it’s to pursue higher education, advance in their careers or are simply uninterested for fear of divorce.

Sometimes it IS better to wait and the key here is to give yourself time to discover your goals and needs before welcoming the possibility of another person to help support those needs. No ultimatums, no resentment. Writer April Jackson, shares her insight here:

After 30 years of marriage, my parent’s relationship crumbled to the ground.


It started with my father’s betrayal to not only my mother, but our entire family. He was having an affair with a family friend. My mother found out only because she happened to glimpse at his phone one night when a message notification lit up his screen. It was a downward spiral from that moment forward. He refused to admit any responsibility and even blamed my mother, saying she’s been “cold” to him for the past decade. It was a confusing time for my siblings and I, watching our parents slowly start to hate each other with each passing day. Things soon started to come into perspective. I began to realize how not suited they were for each other.


I started to remember stories of their early years, like how my father gave my mother an ultimatum; either they get married or he leaves her. My father would brag about how he would date numerous women at a time when he was young. He spoke proudly about how some of the women would find out he was cheating, and get unforgivably upset. My mother would tell me stories about how he would constantly pressure her to do things she wasn’t really interested in.

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