3 Words For Those Who Can’t Cope With Divorce

by | Apr 21, 2017

Repetition and positive reinforcement: a couple of helpful things to add to your daily mantra as you start this new journey post-divorce. Whether you’re a parent or single, the same applies: we must accept that certain things come to end and through the healing time, we are given the chance to start over in our relationships.

Be thankful in who or what you haven’t lost yet. Consider seeking counseling or therapy if you feel the need to express how you feel. By investing in self-care, you pave the path for a healthier and happier version of yourself and for opportunities to come.

The following article by author and creator of Divorced Girl Smiling blog, Jackie Pilossoph shares some personal insight on how to jump start the healing.

I have three words for those who can’t cope with divorce. Here they are:


Enjoy. Each. Day.


Why these three words? Here’s the story. A reader commented on one of my blog posts, stating that “divorce is a fate worse than death.”


Now, my gut reaction to this statement was that this reader has obviously never experienced the death of someone close to him. Otherwise, he would not have written this. I can speak firsthand, as someone who went through a divorce and who lost my father. Two entirely different things, and I’ll take the divorce over that any day of the week.


That said, I do feel for this guy, because for him to write such a bold statement, he is obviously in a lot of pain, and he is suffering immensely. We don’t know what his divorce is like. Maybe his wife left, maybe she has turned his kids against him, maybe he is financially in trouble, or maybe he is suffering from loneliness. So for him, he can’t imagine the death of a loved one being any harder than what he is experiencing.


Enter another reader, who responded to this dark statement.


Dude, take a pill. Divorce is not a fate worse than death. For example, I am divorced. I started my day with a run by the river, and then met my girlfriend for brunch. After that, I went to the movies and then had a long call with my Dad about nothing before having a beer. It’s been a pretty good day so far. I haven’t been dead before, so I can’t say definitively, but just going out on a limb, I’d say this is not a fate worse than death.


Reading this response was like a breath of fresh air to me. The title of his comment, by the way, was “How I spent my day.”

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