Grand Bohemian plans at Liberty Bridge revealed

by | Apr 12, 2017

Greenville is taking cues from the Low-country in this latest project. The city has approved the design for a Grand Bohemian Hotel right next to our beloved Liberty Bridge in downtown Falls Park.

The hotel is part accommodation, part restaurant/bar and gallery. City Council hopes to make it another landmark with its artistic design helmed by Savannah College of Art & Design’s Dean of Building Arts.

The east landing of the Liberty Bridge will change dramatically beginning as soon as next year with plans for a Grand Bohemian hotel and civic lawn that were revealed Tuesday afternoon to members of City Council.


In a walk-through of the project, Christian Sottile — the designer who is also dean of the Savannah College of Art and Design’s School of Building Arts — described how the boutique hotel would be developed in place of the Wyche law firm offices and the area around the bridge improved to create a new gateway to the east side of Falls Park.


The developer, Florida-based Kessler Collection, intends to break ground on the Grand Bohemian Greenville at the beginning of next year, Sottile said.


Currently, pedestrians at the eastern landing of the Liberty Bridge are met with a concrete office building and parking lot with no clear path forward.


The East Gateway Master Plan envisions a shared plaza and distinct entrance into the east side of the park. It would be the introduction to the East Gateway District, which will include the Camperdown development currently under way at the site of the old Greenville News building.


The council ultimately will have the final say.

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