Is Your Child Overstressed about Your Divorce? 15 Warning Signs You Don’t Want to Ignore

by | Jun 10, 2017

Most children eventually get through divorce unscathed and become well adjusted adults, but some have a much harder time adjusting to all the changes. There’s no denying that many children suffer from higher levels of stress during and immediately after a divorce. Some clues to whether or not your child is stressed out to the max are: lack of sleep, nightmares, and regressed behavior like wetting their pants. Master Relationship Coach Cathy Meyer gives 15 signs of maximum stress in children, and you can read them in the article below.

According to the Association of Marriage and Family Counseling, “Divorce propels adults and children into numerous adjustments and challenges. While each child’s acclimation to divorce is different, the majority will weather these changes successfully, and grow up to become well-adjusted adults.

However, up to a 25 percent of children whose parents divorce experience ongoing emotional and behavior difficulties (as compared to 10 percent of children whose parents do not divorce).”

Although there are variations in a child’s long-term reaction to their parent’s divorce in the short-term most children experience a large amount of distress in the form of sadness, anxiety, anger, guilt, confusion, conflicts when it comes to loyalty between parents and longings for time with the absent parent.

If you see early signs of distress in your children, signs your child is highly stressed out, seeking the help of a therapist could keep your child from becoming a part of the 25 percent who experience ongoing emotional and behavior problems after your divorce.

15 Signs Your Child May Need Therapy Due to Your Divorce

1. Prolonged periods of sadness or anger can be an indication that the child is suffering from clinical depression.

2. Prolonged difficulty sleeping or staying asleep.

3. Frequent nightmares or night terrors.

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