How Much Are You Willing to Pay For a New Life? A Breakdown of Potential Divorce Costs

by | Jun 8, 2017

Divorce can be a very difficult financial process for men today. There may be aspects of the divorce process you’re unaware of, such as legal fees, house appraisals, and administrative fees that can all quickly add up over time. One important decision to make is whether to try to save money by handling the process alone, or to hire a seasoned expert to help you along the way. David Gutierrez walked with his friend through a divorce, and he breaks down some key things to consider in the article below.

In today’s world, the divorce cost for a man is fairly high as there are quite a few fees involved in the procedure. Depending on the circumstances, the proceedings might amount to over $20,000. My friend has been going through this recently and from his experience I learned that it’s a highly complex and lengthy process. A man has to understand all the expenses involved in a divorce to make the right decisions. Usually, it all boils down to whether you should hire a lawyer to handle the matters on your behalf.

Average Divorce loCost for a Man: Fees and Other Costs

Estimation of the divorce cost starts with determining the fees you’ll have to pay. These vary depending on the state. As my friend lives in California, I have only information regarding the local fees. You can look up yours online or ask a legal expert.

California divorce costs include:

  • Professional services fees
  • Court fees
  • Administrative fees

The professional services refer to attorneys, accountants, expert witnesses, and other specialists involved in the case. Their services will be essential if the divorce goes to trial, and the overall cost will be much higher in this case. Therefore, it’s always best to aim for an amicable separation.

The fees involved in a divorce start with the petition that initiates the legal process of marriage dissolution. In the state of California, this paper fee is $435. Depending on your situation, other costs will be added when you need to file for motions, get copies of records, or perform a variety of other legal tasks.

There is also the divorce petition delivery cost to be considered. It can get around $100 and might increase further if the situation is complicated.

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