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How to Go Through a Divorce When There is No Manual

Divorce affects everyone differently; some rise strong after leaving a marriage that held them down, while others seemingly crumble from the loss. There’s no manual for marriage or parenting, and it turns out there isn’t one for divorce either. The process is not...

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5 Tips to Diffuse a Fight When the Children Are Around

Fighting is a normal, and not necessarily negative, part of marriage. After all, we are all only human. However, if your fighting is beginning to affect your children, maybe it’s time to consider a new way to handle disagreements. Mother and author Apryl Duncan shares...

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The Loss a Father Experiences After Moving Out

Grief is a normal part of divorce, so it comes as no surprise that you’ll need to grieve the loss of your relationship with your former spouse. However, if you’re a dad, there may be some loss you haven’t prepared for. Often times the father is the one to leave the...

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Healing After a Divorce Takes Time, But How Much?

You might expect for your healing journey after divorce to be straight and steady forward path, but as with all things in life, you’re likely to have setbacks and even unexpected waves of grief. Some say being prepared for these moments and knowing they’re normal can...

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How To Divorce Well After Fifty

Most couples fifty and older are empty nesters who are saving and preparing to retire soon. Savings and pension plans are no longer things far off in the future, but they are becoming a near reality. Divorce during or near retirement has different obstacles than...

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