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Gray Divorce Presents Social Security Challenges

Sometimes complete separation may be necessary, but are you prepared for life after divorce? If you're over 50 and considering divorce, there are some important factors to consider on your financial behalf. Have either you or your spouse applied for retirement...

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3 Words For Those Who Can’t Cope With Divorce

Repetition and positive reinforcement: a couple of helpful things to add to your daily mantra as you start this new journey post-divorce. Whether you're a parent or single, the same applies: we must accept that certain things come to end and through the healing time,...

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The Effects of Divorce on Children and How to Cope

If you're able to keep in contact with your kids post-divorce, this open door is a chance for new beginnings. Let this be a way to teach your children how healthy relationships can still happen even if yours didn't with your ex. As you heal with time, you'll learn...

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Baby Boomers Are Over Marriage

In 2017, couples 50 years and older are choosing to remain unmarried or are seeking divorces. "Gray divorce" has become a household term and could be due to living in a digital age where constant gratification also meets quick ramification. The same can be said for...

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Grand Bohemian plans at Liberty Bridge revealed

Greenville is taking cues from the Low-country in this latest project. The city has approved the design for a Grand Bohemian Hotel right next to our beloved Liberty Bridge in downtown Falls Park. The hotel is part accommodation, part restaurant/bar and gallery. City...

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